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These instructions are for reporting issues with the site in general. If you have encountered an issue with exercises, then please head over to the faulty exercise and click the “Report a Problem” button at the bottom of that page.

If you're lucky, someone has already reported the problem and you can simply vote for it by turning on the star next to it in the list of known problems. Otherwise, please use the following steps to create a new issue in our issue tracking system.

  1. Go to the new problem form.
  2. Fill in the Summary and Description fields. Note: The information you provide will become public, so do not include any private or confidential information.
  3. Click the Submit Issue button.

Your submission will show up in the list once we've had a chance to give it a quick review.

If you vote for something or submit something new, you'll get emails as people comment on it.  When we think we've taken care of it you'll get an email saying "Status: Fixed", and you'll see the difference the next time we upgrade the site. If at any point you want to stop getting the emails, just follow the link in one of them and click on the star to make it dim.

Thanks for taking the time to help us make Khan Academy better!

我們已經收到您回報的問題,同時也將回報的內容寄到您的信箱。如果需要進一步資訊,我們會透過您所填寫的 E-mail 與您聯絡。
我們會儘速處理您所回報的問題,如果您有任何問題,歡迎利用 support@junyiacaemy.org 與我們聯絡,再次謝謝您幫忙我們回報平台的問題。 : )
請您稍候再嘗試回報此問題,或是您可以將的問題寄到 support@junyiacademy.org ,我們會儘速處理,謝謝您。